Atlanta, Ga. 5/22/2008 10:23:01 PM
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Australia Divided Over Appointment of First Woman Bishop

Kay Goldsworthy became the first woman to be appointed a Bishop in Australia’s Anglican Church and the consecration has caused a further divide among leaders concerning the role of women in religion.


Bishop Kay Goldsworthy was appointed a Bishop during a service at St. George’s Cathedral in Perth yet Archbishop Peter Jensen, head of the Sydney diocese, did not attend the ceremony nor did Bishop David Mulready who oversees Northwest Australia territories.


Mulready has already said he would not allow Goldsworthy to officiate services in his territories.


While Goldsworthy has her detractors the 51-year-old also has her supporters as 21 Anglican bishops were among the 800 in attendance at the ceremony.


Goldsworthy is married and has two sons.


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