College Station 8/5/2010 8:12:36 PM
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“Jodie Goes to Sturgis: A Survivor’s Ride” Lifestyle Documentary

Nursing Graduate and Survivor, Rides to Generate Awareness for Cancer, Military Service, and Domestic Abuse

“Jodie”, a 44 year-old recent nursing graduate, has regained her American dream of serving in the medical community after a major setback.  In 2003, she was assaulted in a violent domestic attack by a felon with a track record of offenses. She was forced to protect herself and her juvenile son and deal with the resulting trauma of that situation.

Jodie is riding to the Sturgis Bike Rally 2010 Saturday, August 7, 2010 from College Station, Texas, to regain her confidence and to ask others “What does freedom mean to you?” in a diary-type documentary. Statistics show that many women do not survive the type of attack Jodie faced and she wants to share her experiences with others via her story.

The team of Bun Burners Entertainment, LLC based in Houston, discovered “Jodie” in their search for a journey that would inspire others.  Jodie is a single-mother (by choice),  a former Blue Star Mom (her eldest son served in the Army in Iraq and returned safely), and an emergency life care-giver who has saved lives and cared for the dying.

Jodie discovered Sturgis in 1997 when she took the Harley-Davidson rider’s course, rented a bike, and left by herself to Sturgis with a tent, beef jerky, water, and a desire to see the countryside. 

“When I am on the open road, I just feel so free, and I have enjoyed meeting the people I have met along the way” says Jodie “I love to ride and I am looking forward to learning what people think about their own freedom at a time when many are struggling.” 

 “Jodie’s story appeals women and men who have heard heard her story” says one of the producers,  “At a recent scene shoot at the Dixie Chicken in College Station, patrons shouted ‘Jodie! Jodie!’ Jodie’ and Jodie was very encouraged by that show of support.”

“Jodie is a good example of someone who has suffered a unexpected setback, cared for others, and served her country by raising  a young man who served our country” says Andy Valadez, Executive Producer and former Marine, “The biker community is a group that has an incredible bond similar to the miitary and our team plans to support Jodie on the road as she asks them about their own personal challenges and their belief in the ‘American Dream’”.  Interested readers may follow along at