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Kendal Sheppard of "Road Rules" Blasts Josh Henderson for Being Deadbeat Dad

Kendal Sheppard, one of the stars of MTV's "Road Rules", blasted actor Josh Henderson on her MySpace profile Tuesday for being a deadbeat daddy.


In a MySpace blog entitled "Father's Day and My Baby's Daddy," Sheppard, 27, expressed her emotions about the dichotomy of her relationship with her her son Asa and Henderson, his father.


"With my son's first birthday on the same day as Father's day, I can't help but have mixed feelings," says Sheppard. "I am so excited to celebrate the day my very favorite boy was born, but a feeling of anger and rage sweeps my body when I think of little Asa's biological dead beat dad."


Sheppard explains that Henderson "had made it clear from the beginning that he wanted nothing to do with his son." She said that she thought she made progress over the course of the year, but it is evident that Henderson wants nothing to do with their son.


Sheppard also said that Henderson recently told people that the DNA test he took 10 months ago was "inconclusive". She said that Henderson originally admitted that he was the father, but has changed his mind.


Henderson, 27, is an actor who recently played Austin McCann on "Desperate Housewives". He previously dated Paris Hilton and Ashlee Simpson, whom he dated for two years.


Sheppard was featured on MTV’s "Road Rules: Campus Crawl" in the series’ eleventh season. She later was featured on MTV’s "The Inferno".


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