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Earthquake Preparedness And Employee Safety

Quake Hold Industrial has been devoting a lot of column inches recently to the subject of businesses in earthquake zones needing to heed advice about earthquake preparedness and another aspect of that discussion is employee safety.

Understanding the fact that businessmen generally rely heavily on their employees to keep operations running smoothly and any amount of time that a member of the workforce is absent, for whatever reason, can eventually have a negative impact on productivity, Quake Hold Industrial is trying to project the importance of securing the work zone.

If the business is located in an active seismic zone, the odds are pretty good that there will be an earthquake sometime in the future, so the earthquake preparedness team from Quake Hold Industrial encourages business owners to be better prepared that includes making sure the employees are working in a safer environment.

Quake Hold Industrial had already discussed about the need to secure office equipment, server rooms, labs and so forth, plus they’ve discussed the benefits of having emergency kits on hand, but there’s one other thing businessmen should address which is ensuring that the employees know what to do before, during and after an earthquake.

Safety Training

The first step to earthquake safety is to identify potential hazards around the home or office and secure them.

One of the many services that Quake Hold Industrial offers is teaching people how to secure their space at home and at work.

Quake Hold Industrial conduct ‘How-To’ clinics that are specifically geared towards giving people practical knowledge and experience. They demonstrate how to apply safety fasteners and also explain the benefits of taking the time to do so.

Quake Hold Industrial many a time mentioned the main cause of injuries in an earthquake is heavy items of furniture falling on people, but that risk can be minimized through seismic mitigation and securing things around the office such as file cabinets, bookcases and wall units, as well as TVs and other electronics.

Making sure that the office space is secured means there’s a reduced risk of injuries to the employees, which in turn means there’s a better chance that the employees will be able to resume work after the quake which will enable the business to continue to function.

And if the same is applied at home, then the home too will be protected from the devastating consequences of earthquakes

Drop, Cover and Hold On

According to Quake Hold it is vitally important for everyone to be able to maintain the business continuity after an earthquake and apart from securing all the office equipment and furniture and having survival kits at the ready, the employees should also be familiar with the ‘Drop, Cover and Hold On’ principle.

That means getting under the sturdiest desk or table in the office and holding on to a leg or other support until the shaking stops. The chances of avoiding injury are much greater when under a solid piece of furniture because it will offer protection.

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