Los Angeles 9/28/2010 9:51:26 PM
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Poll Shows Raese Ahead in West Virginia

With all eyes on the US mid-terms ahead in November the race is on between the Republicans and Democrats. The latest poll from Rasmussen Reports shows that in West Virginia the Republican candidate John Raese leads Democrat Governor Joe Manchin with 48 to 46 percent of likely votes, respectively.

The Senate election in West Virginia was once considered an easy Democrat win, but now the Rasmussen website lists it as a toss-up; the same scenario is playing out in other states as well. In the last month the Republican candidate has gained ground on the sitting Governor. In a poll taken two weeks ago, Raese held a 50-43 lead over Manchin and one before that showed a 50-45 lead. The latest poll scores show that Manchin is making up ground, but Raese is still marginally in the lead.

The Rasmussen poll was a survey of 500 voters in West Virginia, with a 4.5 percent margin of error either way.

In a separate poll conducted by Public Policy Polling Raese was also shown with a lead of 46-43 over Manchin. The mid-term elections, set for November 2 are pushing the Democrats hard, with many seats previously considered easy wins for the Democrats now looking less likely.

The Republicans have been helped along by Tea Party members who have stormed into the spotlight under the auspices of ‘spiritual’ leader and former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

West Virginians will be voting in November for the seat which was formerly held by Robert C. Byrd and is now up for contention.