Los Angeles 9/28/2010 10:06:18 PM
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Toddler and Three Others Killed In Mattapan Shooting

Police have told that early this morning a 2 to 3 year old child and three other were killed, while another man suffered serious wounds after a shooting in Mattapan, Boston.

Police spokesperson Elaine Driscoll told that the shooting was reported at 1:12 am with the victims found in the area around 40 Woolson Street. Commissioner Edward F. Davis further stated, “there is a significant amount of evidence located at the scene, and we are involved in a very intensive investigation into the early morning hours.”

Davis confirmed that the shooter and the victims were known to one another, and that the attack was not random in nature. He asked for the public to assist with the investigation, specifically with locating a gray or silver Ford Explorer which may have been connected with the crime.

As Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley arrived at the scene of the incident he commented: “We don't see this kind of carnage typically, this is something very, very troubling. Very disturbing.”

This is the worst mass-killing seen in Boston since four men were killed in a basement in 2005. However the Boston homicide rates have risen 32 percent since January in comparison to the same period last year.

The killing of the toddler has especially upset the community, as the young child appeared to have been pulled out of bed before being shot, a cruel and heartless act. The surrounding neighborhood has been shaken, as it is considered a family-friendly area.