Los Angeles 9/28/2010 10:52:46 PM
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Twilight Saga Injects New Blood

Two lucky actresses are set to join the phenomenon that is Twilight. For the upcoming part 1 or Breaking Dawn actresses Maggie Grace of Lost fame and Mackenzie Foy are set to join the cast and become a member of the Twilight family.

Grace, who shot to fame playing Shannon Rutherford in the hit television series Lost is set to play the character of Irina for the upcoming film. Irena is a member of a rival vampire coven, who blames the Cullens, everybody’s favorite vampire family, for the death of her lover.

Foy, who is an unknown in the film industry is rumored to be playing the role of Renesmee, the vampire-cross-human child of central characters Edward and Bella. At just 9 years old, if Foy lands the part she will be shot to stardom in an unparalleled manner, as have all the previously unknown members of the Twilight cast.

Breaking Dawn is the fourth and final of the best selling novels, but the film version is being broken into two parts, the first of which is scheduled for release in November of 2011.

The film’s screenwriter, Melissa Rosenberg is still working on the script with director Bill Condon and there is much anticipation around how the film will tackle the gory birth scene of Bella and Edward’s baby. The Twilight series has garnered world-wide success, with fans, aptly named Twihards heaping adoration on the Twilight cast; Foy and Grace are in for a wild ride.