Los Angeles 9/28/2010 11:18:26 PM
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Gunman Fires At University of Texas

One gunman is dead, but another suspect still on the loose after a shooting this morning at the University of Texas in Austen. University official and police have confirmed the gunman’s death, with suspected suicide.

No one else on campus was injured, however the campus remained on lockdown while police search for the suspected second gunman. Unconfirmed reports of the other shooter circled the campus, and so police wanted to rule out these reports before allowing students and staff back onto the premises.

UT Police Chief, Robert Dahlstrom commented at a news conference on campus: “We are fortunate that no one was injured except for the lone gunman [and] we are trying to work and make sure there is no second suspect.” At this point in time there is no known motive for the unprovoked attack.

Accounts were torn between the shooter wearing a grey business suit or a grey sweat suit, but not much more is known. Eyewitnesses of the shooting were transported for further questioning to the downtown police headquarters.

After gunshots were fired at around half-past eight in the morning, SWAT teams sealed off the campus and urged students and staff members to stay indoors until further notice. All classes have been cancelled for the day and there is no known identity of the shooter.

The University of Texas was home to one of the most notorious campus shooting rampages in US history when ex-marine Charles Whitman gunned down 14 people in 1966.