Los Angeles 10/5/2010 9:03:57 PM
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Anti Terror Police Arrest 11 In France

In several operations on Tuesday, French anti-terror police made 11 arrests of suspected Islamic extremists in different parts of the country. Part of the operation centered on a suspected ring supplying false paper to returning jihadists from Afghanistan.

Three men were arrested in connection with this ring in port of Marseille and in Bordeaux, while a further eight were arrested on the suspicion of involvement with arms and explosives smuggling. Those men were arrested in the region of Marseille.

This follows the arrest of a Frenchman in Italy by Italian police who was suspected as an Al Qaeda operative, capable of procuring explosives according to Italian statements made Sunday.

Only last month French authorities claimed to have uncovered a planned attack on the Paris metro system, after a tip-off that a suicide bombing was imminent. There have also been rumors of a planned attack on the Eiffel Tower. Western intelligence services also claim to have foiled plans for other coordinated attacks on cities in Europe.

Germany and France have been particularly targeted in the plots, with the US, Canada, Britain and recently Japan issuing travel cautions to countrymen planning on visiting Europe. Britain raised its ‘terrorism threat’ meter from general to high for British tourists and travelers to France and Germany.

Special caution is urged of travelers when going to popular tourist destinations, using public transport systems or at large events. Travelers are cautioned to keep abreast of local news, and follow local authorities if anything should occur.