Los Angeles 10/5/2010 10:20:12 PM
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What Will Google TV Bring To The Table?

Google has released new details about its Google TV endeavor. The web giant is offering a software package for watching TV programming online as well as through subscription services. The announcement of the new details comes just before the launch of Sony and Logitech’s Google TV-enabled hardware.

Google released the details via blog post and video advertising, which outline a set of features quite similar to other online media services. The usual suspects of movies and television programs from Netflix and Amazon’s movie service were present as well as YouTube, Pandora radio, photo browsing on Flickr and other expected accoutrements.

There is more in store, however, with a set of web applications from the NBA, Twitter and CNBC, with some even being video-enhanced. A new feature called ‘Fling’ will allow users to toss the video or web page they are currently viewing onto a smartphone, which will of course have to have Google’s Android system running on it. It is also expected that as of early next year, Google TV will be compatible with and able to play applications downloaded from Google’s Android Market as well.

There are some let downs in the form of video hosting sites not included in the Google TV lineup. Notable absences include Hulu, MLB.tv and ESPN3.com. There is also the ongoing issue of the incompatibility with movies or television shows downloaded from iTunes, which require an Apple-updated TV, or for users to hook up their computer to the TV set.