Los Angeles 10/6/2010 11:06:30 PM
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Joe Biden And Hilary Clinton To Swap Place? Not Any Time Soon

Rumors have been circling that Secretary of State Hilary Clinton will replace Vice President Joe Biden as Obama’s running mate in the 2012 presidential elections.

The White House has denied the rumors, with White House senior aide David Axelrod telling the Washington Post on Tuesday that there is “There's absolutely nothing to it.”

The latest round of speculation over Clinton’s future was fired up by ‘Obama Wars’ author Bob Woodward when he talked to CNN’s John King. He said that the idea was “on the table” for an Obama-Clinton ticket in 2012, arguing that the move would reinvigorate the campaign for 2012, especially with female voters. Biden, who previously chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, would replace Clinton as Secretary of State.

Axelrod further emphasized the status-quo position by saying that "The president is blessed to have a spectacular vice president and an outstanding secretary of state. They're both doing great work, and he wants them on the job." Others have said they would be amazed if there was anything to the rumors, but also conceded that in politics, anything is possible.

Many supporters of Clinton wanted her on Obama’s 2008 ticket, however her position as Secretary of State is arguably more valuable to the US, than the position of Vice President, which holds little official duties.

The swap rumors are not new, with many speculating on the possibility, while others simply advise it in order to help win back voters, especially in the middle class, who have become distanced from the President.