Los Angeles 10/8/2010 5:22:50 PM
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Obama for O’Malley at Bowie State

At a Democratic rally in Bowie State University,  Maryland, President Obama spoke very highly of Gov. Martin O’Malley. The President was addressing over 5000 students and supporters of the Democrats at the historically black college. He called O’ Malley one of the best governors of the United States of America. He spoke very highly of his Chesapeake Bay policies, education funding and crime-fighting strategy.

Gov. O’Malley is engaged in a rather tight race against his Republican counterpart, Robert L. Ehrlich Jr. This is President Obama’s 59th appearance in Maryland. He urged the young voters to come forward and cast their votes. The speech, which spanned over half an hour, was aimed at lifting the spirits of the Democratic voters. It contained the same energizing material as other speeches the President has been giving recently. The crowd had expected President Obama’s appearance to support the Democratic candidate on the election and was pleasantly surprised to see him show up so early in the contest. The polls show that Obama’s popularity remains very low throughout the country, with Maryland being an exception. Obama undiminished popularity in Maryland was apparent by the long serpentine queues waiting to get through the security counter. His speech was also geared to motivate the Afro American youth, which forms a large part of the voting crowd in Maryland.

Here, the topics which would have been considered too controversial in other parts of the country were openly broached. The Tea Party Movement was disparaged. Another Maryland Democrat took a dig at Christine O’Donnell and her past association with witchcraft.  Maryland Republican Party Chairwoman Audrey Scott hit back by saying that the country was worse off now under President Obama’s leadership.     

The President achieved what he came to Bowie State for by boosting the morale of the Democrat supporters.