Los Angeles 10/8/2010 8:27:18 PM
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Israeli Military Kills Two Hamas Men Responsible Beit Hagai Shootout

The Israel Defense Forces [IDF] killed one senior Hamas member along with a low-level Hamas militant on Friday. The men were involved in the shooting of four Israeli nationals from Beit Hagai settlement near the West Bank in August.

IDF besieged several residential compounds in Hebron on Friday morning where terror suspects had taken refuge, killing two of the men upon entering a house and taking several others into custody. The names of the dead men released by IDF are Nashaath Al Karmi- who belonged to Tulkran- and Mamoun Al Natshe- who was a low-level militant from Hebron. The IDF didn't report any casualty in the raid.

The suspects are said to be associated with Izzadine Al Kassam brigades of the Hamas organization and IDF claims that both the dead men were responsible for shooting in Beit Hagai in which four Israelis were killed.

The suspects detained in the encounter were taken into Israeli Security Agency (Shin Bet) custody for questioning.

The Four Israelis killed in August near Hebron were couples, with one aged 40 and the other 25. One of the ladies is said to be pregnant. Eyewitnesses said that attackers were able to kill the victims in their initial shooting but then came close to the vehicle and fired on them from a closer range.  The military wing of Hamas had accepted responsibility for the attack.