Los Angeles 10/8/2010 11:18:27 PM
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Dobbs Denies Knowingly Hiring Illegal Workers

Former CNN anchor Lou Dobbs has fired back at allegations that he knowingly had illegal employees caring for his horses and properties. On Good Morning America, Dobs emphatically states that "I never, ever used a contractor as a way in which to indirectly hire an illegal immigrant purposefully. Never, never, never.”

The article which made the accusations, a “smear piece” by Isabel MacDonald said that Dobbs, while not hiring illegal workers himself, hired a contractor who used illegal immigrants as workers, implying that Dobbs should be held accountable for the employment.

Dobbs has previously criticized employers who use illegal immigrants, which is why the title of the inflammatory articles was “Lou Dobbs, American Hypocrite.”

Dobbs says that he asked the West Palm Beach firm he hired to take care of his properties if they hired illegal immigrants, saying he wanted no illegal workers on his properties. There is no legal way in which he could guarantee it, so he took the company on their word.

Dobbs has said, "What this is akin to is saying Robin Roberts -- [the] building she lives in, whether a co-op or apartment or whatever it may be -- she's supporting illegal immigration because someone else hired an illegal immigrant in that house. It's fatuous, it's specious, it's really a sad commentary."

He further said that the only way to satisfy the objections raised would be for him, and millions of other citizens to engage in racial profiling. “That would be racial profiling on my part to make sure this thing doesn't happen. That's what you're suggesting," he said of the article’s author.