Los Angeles 10/11/2010 8:56:01 PM
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Homosexuality is not a successful option-Paladino

Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate from New York, sparked off the controversial topic of homosexuality on a visit to Brooklyn to visit the Orthodox Jewish groups there. He felt very strongly that the children of today should not be led to believe that homosexuality is acceptable. He was very obviously trying to bring out the difference between him and his opponent, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, when he announced that he had refused to attend the New York's gay pride parade. The Democrat candidate had marched in the parade.

Political analysts are amazed at the comments from Paladino. They cannot recall the last time a candidate has made such comments in a city as diverse as New York. He tried to clarify his comments by adding that this was a result of his Catholic faith and that he has nothing against the gay community. He just wanted to make the picture equally clear to the youth of today that homosexuality is not a successful option. He said he would rather see his children getting married and raising a family. In order to set an example to the children of today, he promised that he would stand against any bill which legalizes gay marriages.

Supposedly, the prepared material for Paladino’s speech contained even more strong statements which he had decided to omit at the last moment. In the material he had deleted, he had referred to homosexuals as dysfunctional and also judged that this was not the way God created us.

His opponent, the Democrat candidate, Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has retaliated saying that Paladino is suffering from homophobia and that he is unfit to represent New York as its Governor. He added that these comments also show his complete disregard for equality amongst among the diverse people living in New York.

Paladino retorted saying that he did not have any reservations against the gay community. He said that he is very close to his nephew even though he is gay and that he certainly considers him a functional son of God.   This is just one of latest in a string of controversies following the Buffalo millionaire’s campaign.