los angeles 10/11/2010 11:55:11 PM
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Streaker Bares All In Front Of Obama, Trying to Win $1 million Prize

The streaker, 24-year-old Juan James Rodriguez wrote the address of a website across his chest before streaking through a Philadelphia rally in front of thousands of people, including US President Obama.

Rodriguez was detained by police, but it now appears that the stunt was a bid to win a million dollar dare. The website he wrote on his torso was that of British-educated billionaire, and known prankster Alki David. David, a shipping and bottling magnate had offered a cool $1 million to the first person to run naked in front of President Obama with his website name, “battlecam.com” across their chest. David is known for pulling high-level pranks, as well as paying others, or offering rewards for pranks to be pulled.

It is still unknown whether Rodriguez has achieved the prank to David’s satisfaction, and he remains in custody. David however has said, “When I see the video and it's confirmed... it won't be a check, it will be cash.

The full requirements of the prank were for the streaker to run within eye and earshot of the President, and to shout “battlecam.com” six times. If that is proven to be he case for Rodriguez, he’s just made it to the list of new millionaires.

There were two accomplices to the stunt, both of whom say the requirements were met, although the footage of the streaking has yet to be released; no doubt when it does it will be an internet sensation whether he wins the million or not.