Los angeles 10/12/2010 12:22:36 AM
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Justin Bieber Visits Hawaii With Lady Friend

Justin Bieber was in Hawaii this weekend for his My World Tour, but he wasn’t alone. Photos have emerged of the young singer getting friendly with rumored girlfriend Jasmine Villegas.

The series of pictures emerged on Justjared.com, with one showing the pair embracing before the beginning of Bieber’s concerts on Friday, while the others are of a pasty and lanky Bieber getting some much-needed sun next to the voluptuous Villegas. Friend and mini-star-in-arms Jaden Smith was also with Bieber, who was out sailing on a yacht called the Mai Tai.

Bieber spent the time in Hawaii Tweeting as well as performing, "Sick day out on the boat with the whole crew. Little jack johnson playing and some sunshine and some sea turtles and dolphins. Great day," he Tweeted. He was quiet on the girlfriend front, although the rumor mill has been in overdrive since the pictures of him and Villegas emerged.

Villegas has been coy about her relationship with Bieber, saying in an interview published last month "There's not much that I would know that people don't know because Justin is just 100 percent [real] with his fans and his friends and he gives everybody his full personality," she dished. "So that's a really good thing about him. He's not fake at all. He's just like, 'I'm Justin. Here's me.' "

The pint-sized pop star is heading to Japan next, and as he left he Tweeted, “I'm really gonna miss Hawaii. it is awesome here.”