los angeles 10/12/2010 7:11:27 PM
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West Virginia Gets Voting Advice From Clinton And Palin

West Viginia’s Senate race was gate-crashed by political heavyweight Bill Clinton, and the “Mumma Grizzly” herself, Sarah Palin. Both figures were weighing in on the upcoming senate elections, throwing their support behind their chosen candidate.

Former President Clinton was in West Virginia Monday to try and boost the campaign of Governor Joe Manchin as he squares off with wealthy Republican businessman John Raese for the senate seat. Former Alaskan Governor, and infamous politico Sarah Palin went online to support Raese’s bid for the senatorial vote.

Clinton spoke at a Party event in Morgantown, W.Va, stating that "He did every single thing you want Washington to do,” saying that if the nation was in a different state economically, Manchin would "be ahead by 30 points, and you know it."

Early in the race, Manchin looked like he had an easy win after the death of former Senator Robert Byrd left the seat open for contestation. However Raese has closed the gap significantly, and it now looks like a tight race to the finish line for both candidates.

It has been a long time since West Virginia saw a Republican in the Senate, with former Senotor Byrd, who died at 92 years old in June, holding his seat for over 50 years. However the GOP are spending up big on advertising which is trying to show links between Manchin and the Democrat-controlled Congress and White House.

"The last thing Washington, D.C., needs is another rubber-stamp vote for President Obama and the liberal agenda," Palin said on her Facebook page. Polls remain neck-and-neck between the candidates.