Los Angeles 10/12/2010 8:29:23 PM
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Al Qaeda Seeking New Afghan Recruits

Al Qaeda has stepped up efforts to hire Afghans and exert control over Taliban fighters in an attempt to disrupt the Karzai government's efforts to negotiate a peace deal with the insurgents, according to BBC.

The new move comes after Afghan President Hamid Karzai formed a High Peace Council consisting of 70 members to pursue peace talks with the Taliban.

Over the last nine years, Al-Qaeda has supplied insurgents with expertise and funding. Now it is intensifying efforts to expand its membership and spread its ideology across Afghanistan.

Al Qaeda's foreign militants- mostly Arabs and Uzbeks- are still active in Afghanistan despite the invasion in 2001 by the US and NATO forces, which forced them to seek refuge in neighboring Pakistan.

Al Qaeda has been searching for new recruits on both sides of the border in an attempt to create more save havens. It has been targeting young Afghans studying in religious seminaries and mosques.

Al Qaeda attracts new recruits by fostering Islamic brotherhood, while opposing the policies of the West and promoting a sense of oppression at the same time. The organization has an effective system to extend its reach by infiltrating members into Taliban militant units.

Al Qaeda also distributes audio and video propaganda containing war footage, emotional speeches and songs.

Recently, several key Taliban leaders were disarmed by Al Qaeda in Kunduz for holding peace talks with the Karzai government.

Separating the Afghan Taliban from Al Qaeda has become one of the most important tasks for the Karzai government and its international allies.