Los Angeles 10/12/2010 8:33:11 PM
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China Blasts "Disrespectful" Nobel Prize Decision

China has criticized the countries that are supporting the decision to award Nobel Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo.

In its first official and comprehensive response to awarding of the Nobel Prize to the country's most well-known dissenter, the Chinese government sent a clear signal to other countries that they should not interfere in China's internal matters and make a hue and cry over the Nobel Prize.

Ma Zhaoxu, the spokesperson for Chinese foreign ministry, said during a press conference that the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to a prisoner was "disrespectful to China's legal system".

"In China, the cause of human rights continues to progress - this is widely acknowledged by the world - and yet the Nobel Committee gave the Nobel Peace Prize to a prisoner who is serving his sentence in jail", Zhaoxu said.

Responding to a question regarding the governments who are supporting the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Liu, Zhaoxu said that some politicians are using this issue as a justification to make "irresponsible" comments.

"It's not only disrespectful to China's legal system; we also suspect their true motives [are that]... some people want to use this method to change China's political system or to slow down Chinese people's progress”, stated Zhaoxu, while adding, "Obviously, they're wrong if they think this will work".

Liu Xiaobo is serving 11 years in prison for advocating widespread political reforms in China.

Liu's wife has also been placed under house arrest in Beijing to prevent journalists from interviewing and filming her.