Los Angeles 10/12/2010 9:33:27 PM
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Tea Party Favorite Paladino Continues Anti-Gay Slurs

Carl Paladino has come under fire yet again for anti-gay slurs after calling gay-pride parades “disgusting.” While he was at it he also took a shot at his campaign rival Andrew Cuoma for taking his teenage daughter to one.


The Tea Party hero insisted he has nothing against homosexuals, but said he was aghast when he saw a gay-pride parade in Toronto where the marchers were wearing "little Speedos and they grind against each other. I think its disgusting,” he said to the ‘Today’ show.

He further questioned Cuomo’s decision to take his daughter to a gay parade, "Any father who would take his children to such things is not really thinking of the fatherly perspective and is more interested in politics."

Cuomo hit back by saying, “He’s probably the last person I'll take advice from on how to raise my daughters," calling Paladino’s remarks “reckless” and “cynical.”

This is not the first ant-gay slur Paladino has uttered. Last week he was heard telling a group of rabbis that he’s afraid that children will be "brainwashed into thinking homosexuality is an equally valid and successful option - it isn't."

Paladino defended his comments, saying "I have, unequivocally, have absolutely no reservations whatsoever about homosexuality," stating that his nephew, who works for his campaign, is gay and that he understands the difficulties of being homosexual.

Paladino has copped flack from both sides, with Democrats and some Republicans calling on him to apologize. Others have pointed out that Paladino, himself with a ten-year-old child from an affair, is the last person qualified to sermonize about morality.