Los Angeles 10/19/2010 7:34:46 PM
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10 Die In Philippines As Typhoon Moves In The Direction Of China

Typhoon Megi has been forecasted to gain more momentum and start moving in the direction of China on Wednesday. 

According to the Chinese government-run Xinhua news service, Guangdong province in Southern China appears to be facing the greatest risk from the typhoon, which can set off waves of up to 21 feet (seven meters). 

Guangdong authorities have instructed all fishing vessels to come back to port before Tuesday midnight and hydro-stations and reservoirs have been placed on alert, Xinhua stated. 

Meanwhile, schools were closed in Manila, the Philippine capital, and others areas of Luzon Island in view of the threat of flash floods, while aid organizations attempted to reach people trapped in remote villages that were hit by the typhoon. 

"The rains are still coming down very strong. We are afraid to go back to our house," said Remedios Doclayan, a 55-year old woman, who has sought shelter at a school in Philippines summer capital Baguio with her family. "We will stay here until the rains subside to make sure we will not be caught in floods and landslides”.

Typhoon Megi mostly affected the fishing and farming areas of north Luzon with wind speeds of 160 miles (260 kilometers) per hour, making it the world’s strongest typhoon this year. 

Ten people were killed as it destroyed houses, ruined rice crops, damaged power lines, toppled trees and triggered landslides. According to Red Cross, over 10,600 people have been forced to move to evacuation centers in north Luzon, as the rains show no signs of slowing down.