Los Angeles 10/19/2010 11:32:50 PM
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Shooting Incident At Pentagon, No Injuries Reported

Shots were fired near the Pentagon building early Tuesday morning, according to authorities, hitting a window of the complex. 

Chris Layman, spokesperson for Pentagon Police, said that it still not clear who was behind the shooting. At least five shots were heard at around 4.50 a.m, he added. 

Another spokesperson for Pentagon Force Protection Agency, Terry Sutherland, said that two bullets struck the Pentagon on the southern side of the complex- one hitting a window and other one striking the complex itself. This is a vacant part of the complex that is under renovation. 

Sutherland further said that a piece of the bullet is still stuck in the window. However, the window, which is bullet proof, didn't shatter. 

There was a temporary closure of the Pentagon's south entrance and south parking for around an hour following the incident, and authorities partially blocked a part of Interstate 395 leading to the capital to conduct initial investigations. 

Major Chris Perrine, a spokesperson for the Pentagon, said that other partial road blockades may be required as police carries out its investigations. 

Officials are due to give a press conference regarding the incident at the Pentagon at 11.30 a.m.

Today's incident comes after a similar incident at the National Museum of the Marine Corps in Virginia on Sunday. A statement issued by the police on Monday said, "an unknown shooter or shooters fired shots at the National Museum of the Marine Corps, causing minor damage to the building's windowed roof and a steel wall at the base of the structure".