Los Angeles 10/21/2010 12:10:16 AM
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Gay Saudi Prince Jailed

Gay Saudi Prince Saud Abdulaziz bin Nasser al Saud has been sentenced to life imprisonment after the brutal murder of his servant/lover.

The prince must serve a minimum of twenty years for murdering his servant and lover Bandar Abdulaziz which occurred in a 5-star hotel in Britain.

Al Saud first bit his victim on the cheeks in what is believed to have been a sexually charged attack, fueled by Sex on the Beach cocktails and champagne. The murder occurred after a Valentines Day evening out.

When arrested, the prince wrongly assumed he had diplomatic immunity, however his status as a member of the Saudi royal family has not spared him the full force of the British legal system.

The 34-year-old prince, a member of one of the world’s most wealthy and powerful families was convicted of the murder after only one and a half hours of deliberation. He was also found guilty of a second count of grievous bodily harm which related to a previous attack on the same man captured on CCTV.

The prince faces the possibility of execution if he ever returns to Saudi Arabia because being homosexual is considered a capital offense there. Once he is released, it is expected he will try for asylum in Britain.

The sentencing Judge, Mr. Justice Bean said today “'It is very unusual for a prince to be in the dock on a murder charge. No-one in this country is above the law. It would be wrong for me to sentence you either more severely or more leniently because of your membership of the Saudi royal family.''