Los Angeles 10/21/2010 12:23:48 AM
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Kristen Stewart Says Twilight Fans Will Relate To New Film

Kristen Stewart is set to star in a new film “Welcome To The Rileys” about a runaway-turned stripper teenager, and says that the film will be “relatable” for her Twilight fans.

While she said that the film was hard for her to relate to given she had such a different upbringing to her character Mallory, she said that there was one aspect that she felt she could relate to, about the value of self-worth and self-respect.

"One thing that is generally relatable and I found is perfect for young girls — 'Twilight' fans, actually — is the whole idea that, unless you respect and like yourself, nobody else is going to," the star said.

The film, which was set in New Orleans, saw Stewart walking the streets in skimpy outfits, and the star recounts being hit on a lot while in costume. She was even offered a job as a stripper when she went on a reconnaissance mission ‘method-acting’ style to a New Orleans club.

But the stars says that it has “always been really easy” for her to respect her body and self-worth “I've always been lucky. ... For so many people, it's so difficult to do that."

She has said that the experience of shooting the film was great fun, despite the messed-up nature of her character: "As heavy as those ideas are, it was fun playing her, because she's crazy."

The film is set for release in November, or special screenings in New Orleans from October 29.