Los Angeles 10/21/2010 12:33:39 AM
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Swift Sends Out Warning To Future Beaus

Songstress Taylor Swift has said her future boyfriends have been warned that she can, and probably will use them for fodder in her music-making.

“I've never kept quiet the fact that I write songs about people,” the star quipped. Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner can testify to the truth of it. And so may John Mayer if the rumors about her latest song can be relied on.

"It sort of is what it is," Swift said when talking about her new album Speak Now. "I've had this formula for a long time that I've kind of applied to my music." And the formula she speaks of?

"If I continue to write music about my life and my life is always changing, then my music is always changing," she said. "And if I change that whole process of writing music, that entire process of writing songs in my bedroom about what I'm going through at that moment — because the only way I know how to understand pain or move past it is to write songs about it — if I change that, I'm really more changing a part of who I am. And I don't really want to start doing that."

Swift is not worried about her dating life suffering because of it, but said in a shout out to all her future beau’s: “You guys have had fair warning!"

Swift used her Speak Now formula to get the courage to perform at this years VMA’s after her winning speech last year was interrupted in a now-infamous intercession from rapper Kanye West.