Los Angeles 10/21/2010 5:42:46 PM
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Obama Arrives In Seattle To Support Patty Murray's Election Campaign

Air Force One carrying US President Barack Obama landed at Boeing Field on Wednesday at 9.22 p.m. This is the president's second visit to Washington state during the election season to aid Senator Patty Murray's campaign. 

Obama was received by a number of dignitaries, including Governor Chris Gregoire, at the airport. After meeting them, he went to shake hands and spend a few moments with a group of around 90 supporters who came to greet him. 

While some details of the president's trip to Seattle are being kept secret, Seattle's transportation department has warned of likely traffic disruptions. 

Obama is due to pay a visit to a private home on Thursday morning in Northeast Seattle to talk about economic issues faced by women.

The president will later appear at the University of Washington’s Edmundson Pavilion near Husky Stadium. Over 15,000 people are expected to attend the event. 

Murray's re-election campaign has benefited from a number of appearances by high-profile Democrats. 

Former US President Bill Clinton stopped over in Everett to express his support for the candidate. Vice President Joseph Biden also held a campaign rally for Murray two weeks ago at the UW Tacoma campus. First Lasy Michelle Obama is due to arrive next week. 

Murray is running against Republican Dino Rossi.

Before his arrival in Seattle, Obama went to Portland to support gubernatorial incumbent John Kitzhaber, and he will go to California to campaign for Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer after Seattle.