Los Angeles 10/21/2010 8:46:13 PM
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Katy Perry And Russel Brand Get Their Bollywood On For Week-Long Wedding In India

Star songstress Katy Perry and her controversial actor/comedian fiancé have touched down in India’s Mumbai airport to begin a week-long celebration of their marriage.

The ‘Teenage Dream’ singer touched down in Mumbai and headed to Jaipur with ‘Rusty’ for what is expected to be a fancy-filled week of celebrations, with the nuptials expected to be held on Saturday.

Perry was seen coming wearing a traditional Indian nose ring, which has a chain running across the cheek to the ear, fuelling expectations that the wedding will be spiced up with Indian traditions. After the couple arrived in Jaipur, they then embarked on the three-hour-long drive to the luxury resort of Aman-l-Khas, which has been booked out for the week.

Perry’s parents are already at the resort to greet the loved-up pair and the guests are staying in eco-friendly luxury tents at the resort, which cost an estimated 600 pounds per night. The star-studded guest list includes fellow songstress Rihanna, UK comedian and long-time friend of Brand, David Walliams who reportedly touched down in India yesterday for the celebrations.

The wedding has been arranged by high-end wedding planner Mindy Weiss, and is said to incorporate traditional Indian elements, such as Henna tattoos for the bride’s hands and feet, and the groom arriving on a white horse.

Brand’s previous assertions that the pair would be married in the same ‘mundane’ way in which everyone is married, seems to have gone out the window.