Saddle Brook 11/9/2010 5:20:28 AM
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NJ Based Web-Development Agency Launches Website for Organic Waste Solution Specialists

Hudson Horizons Launches BioHitech

Top ranked website development and internet marketing agency, Hudson Horizons is proud to announce the launch of BioHitech America, a company dedicated to administering the most technologically advanced organic waste management solutions with a product that efficiently turns organic waste into valuable resources for the environment, while providing a safe and cleaner working atmosphere for all of the company’s clientele. 

BioHitech works with big name corporations to reduce waste disposal, cut costs and most importantly, create a safe and cleaner working environment for its customers.  The company is proud to offer a High-Volume Organic Waste Decomposition System that is rigorously tested and approved by national regulatory agencies. The advanced system benefits organizations that generate high volumes of waste and is already the standard in many well known supermarket chains, hotels, hospitals and universities.

NJ based, full service SEO Company, Hudson Horizons assisted BioHitech with an easy-to-use content management system along with several redesigned pages for the company’s website. The Partners/Sponsors and Blog pages of the BioHitech website were redesigned with specific ways to increase SEO value.  Hudson Horizons provided BioHitech with additions that will make the entire website SEO friendly, thus driving more web traffic and ultimately increasing sales of the company’s organic waste disposal system.  The additions will benefit the BioHitech employees in maintaining their website, all while expanding the company’s superior business online through comprehensive website solutions.

Elysa Vreeland, Internet Marketing Specialists for Hudson Horizons said in regards to working with the company, “BioHitech is an innovative company that is truly making strides in reducing the carbon footprint for big name companies. It was a pleasure working with BioHitech through all of the website's additions and redevelopments, so that the company can effectively carry out their mission in reducing organic waste and changing its impact on the world. Hudson Horizons looks forward to continue working with BioHitech America to increase web traffic, leads and sales.”

Both parties anticipate a strong business future that will continue to develop an even greater online presence for BioHitech.  

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