Atlanta 12/31/2010 4:14:44 AM
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Minor Earthquake Strikes Central Indiana

A minor earthquake rattled central Indiana Thursday morning at 7:55. The U.S. Geological Survey reported the earthquake had a magnitude of 3.8 and was about 3 miles deep. The epicenter was located about 50 miles north-northeast of Indianapolis and 5 miles southeast of Greentown. The tremor, which lasted for several seconds, did not cause any damages, injuries or deaths.

Residents in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, and Wisconsin reported feeling the earthquake. The USGS said tremors that strike east of the Rock Mountains “are typically felt over a much broader region.”

According to Indiana University geologist Michael Hamburger, no known fault lines are located in the area the earthquake was located. He said Thursday’s tremor was “pretty unusual.”

"There hasn't been any specific fault at this time that has been attributed to this quake," added Randy Baldwin of the National Earthquake Center in Golden, Colorado.


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