Atlanta 1/5/2011 3:23:09 AM
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Internationally bound Turkey confiscated

A man had a 10lb turkey confiscated after he tried to take it through airport security.

The traveler was planning to go from Cardiff, Wales, to Malaga, Southern Spain with the pre-prepared frozen poultry treat over the festive period, claiming he couldn’t get a good quality Turkey in Spain.

The unidentified gentleman had tried to include the bird in his hand luggage, which was flagged up on scans at airport security. Taking perishable foodstuff onboard planes without prior permission is against the law in the UK.

An airport spokesperson said: “The passenger was quite puzzled about why they couldn't take it on board with them.

“He reportedly said to security: 'Why are you making a fuss - will it thaw at 30,000ft?'”

Other unusual goods found by security at UK airports include a chainsaw, a case of dead fish, cases of money and a briefcase filled with bricks.