Atlanta 1/6/2011 5:58:43 AM
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Fugitive Believed to be Holding Hostages in Arizona Restaurant

Arizona police believe a fugitive named Daniel Munoz Perez, who was accidentally released from a prison in early December, is holding several people hostage near a Phoenix mall. U.S. Marshal David Gonzales has confirmed hostages are being held at the Baja Fresh restaurant near the Chandler Fashion Center, but he could not confirm Perez is the gunmen.

The situation began after Chandler Fashion Center security officers spotted the suspect who they believe is Perez. The man fired at the officers and ran into the mall where more shots were fired. The mall was evacuated. The gunman holed up in the Baja Fresh restaurant with hostages.

Perez is wanted for shooting at police officers outside a Casa Grande home on December 11. He was injured in the shooting and treated at a Phoenix hospital. When Perez was returned to the Pinal County Sheriff’s office on December 16, he was accidentally bonded out on a misdemeanor warrant. U.S. marshals have been looking for Perez ever since.


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