Atlanta 1/21/2011 12:19:21 AM
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Philadelphia Doctor Arrested For Murdering Newborns, Keeping Baby Feet in Jars

Philadelphia doctor Kermit Barron Gosnell was charged Wednesday for his part in running an abortion clinic that performed illegal, late-term abortions. Prosecutors have painted a gruesome picture of the Women's Medical Society, which they call “a house of horrors.”

Gosnell and others are accused of killing babies by cutting their spinal cords with scissors. In some cases the babies were born alive in the sixth, seventh and eighth months of pregnancy and with proper medical care could have survived. Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams described the death of one of the infants to CNN. "The baby had been born and was on a cold steel table and murdered by using -- there's no medical basis for snipping or taking scissors and putting them into the neck and cutting, severing the spinal cord. It's just homicide. It's just murder," he said.

Authorities found jars containing the feet of babies and the remains of aborted fetuses throughout the clinic. "My grasp of the English language doesn't really allow me to fully describe how horrific this clinic was -- rotting bodies, fetal remains, the smell of urine throughout, blood-stained," Williams told CNN.

Gosnell, who is not a board-certified obstetrician or gynecologist, faces numerous charges including murder, infanticide, conspiracy, illegal abortion, corpse abuse, theft, corruption of minors and solicitation. Nine other employees of the clinic, including Gosnell’s wife, were arrested and face similar charges.


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