Melbourne 1/22/2011 4:29:49 AM
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Scorpius Nebula Complex Imaged by a Master

Roland Ligustri of Italy has won the AAPOD Award for his image of the stunning Rho Ophiuchi Nebula complex in Scorpius.

Roland used an an internet linked remote telescope situated in Mayhill, New Mexico. He used GRAS-014. A wide angle 106mm telescope that is part of the GRAS network of 13 research telescopes available to anyone in the world via the internet.  GRAS is important part of Roland's arsenal of comet hunting tools.

Roland is a prolific imager of the night sky as well as chasing and researching comets and asteroids with a passion since 1995.

Roland was a co-discoverer of several NEOCP objects and was also awarded second place in a contest by the European Space Agency, ESA. This was in conjunction with images from the ESA Rosetta spacecraft. He did most of his early work from home via his own telescope, but then Roland was introduced to the GRAS remote telescope netowrk in 2003.

" I had heard about a very high quality remote telescope system called ‘Global-Rent-a-scope’. Some amateur astronomers I knew used the system. Personally I was a little afraid to use this system as it sounded too complicated. So after waiting and thinking and waiting but not using it my friend Stefano Padovan, who had just become an affiliate with Global Rent-a-scope, insisted I try the GRAS-005 (Epsilon 250 in New Mexico). Wow! I discovered a new world! It is enough to simply say the system is very good and you are able to shoot 24 hours a day all around the world"

Congratualtion Roland and we hope to see more of your masterpieces soon!