Atlanta 1/29/2011 2:35:18 AM
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Pre K Student Suspended For Bringing Loaded Gun To School

A 5-year-old Florida boy was suspended from Moseley Elementary School in Palatka this week after a loaded gun fell out of his pocket. The boy, whose name has not been released, was in a pre-kindergarten class on Tuesday when the .22 caliber handgun was discovered by a female teacher. The teacher notified administrators, who then called police.

Assistant Police Chief James Griffith says authorities are investigating where the boy got the gun. The child claims he found it while riding to school in a car. The car belonged to his step-father, who has also not been identified.

"There was nothing that transpired, as far as threats, showing the weapon off, anything like that. At this point, we are trying to determine where the child got the gun from, and if any adult was negligent in allowing him to gain access (to it),” said Griffith.

"The boy is both initially a suspect in this thing, but also a victim," he said. "This is very rare."

Putnam County Schools Superintendent Tom Townsend said the student was not at fault in the incident. “Someone is responsible for leaving a gun where a 5-year-old can access it, and that's a tragedy and it's inexcusable,” Townsend added.


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