Cincinnati, Ohio 2/18/2011 7:24:23 PM
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ACO and Trybe Targeting Team Up for Growth

American Cornhole Organization, the governing body of Cornhole, has a new member on its team.

Recently Cincinnati, Ohio based American Cornhole Organization, the ACO, formed a strategic partnership with Trybe Targeting from Nashville, Tennessee.
American Cornhole has been busy the last several years, changing cornhole from a backyard game with no structure to a national sport with structure. Cornhole the Movie, a recently released movie, and Cornhole Throwing Bags In A Hole, a recently published book, have added credibility to its efforts.

"With the addition of Trybe Targeting, we now have the ability to grow our membership at a faster pace nationwide. Trybe is the industry expert when it comes to marketing to and for enthusiast groups," said Frank Geers, president of American Cornhole, LLC.

In 2007, MMA, the parent company of Trybe Targeting, became the agency of record for the Kansas City Barbeque Society. Since that time MMA has more than doubled the non-profit society's membership. In 2008, MMA and Trybe launched the Great American BBQ Tour, a 20-city, cross-country tour featuring tips and demonstrations from professionals as well as food sampling.

In 2009, Trybe partnered with the International Chili Society, furthering its knowledge of food and enthusiast marketing.

"Over the last four years, we've gained invaluable knowledge on enthusiast based marketing," said Mike McCloud, President and CEO of Trybe and MMA. "We are looking forward to bringing this knowledge to cornhole and expanding the sport."

The ACO and Trybe will focus this strategic partnership on growing the game and sport of cornhole by increasing both membership and participation. Trybe will integrate corporate sponsorship platforms, media coverage, and membership benefit programs into the ACO to further elevate cornhole.

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