Atlanta 4/13/2011 8:32:49 PM
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Body of Tsunami Victim Discovered on Oregon Shore

Oregon officials say the body of a 25-year-old man who disappeared while trying to photograph the arrival of the Japanese tsunami in northern, California was discovered near the mouth of the Columbia River on April 2. A forensic odontologist used dental records to identify the body as that of Dustin Douglas Weber.

Weber and two friends were standing near the mouth of the Klamath River trying to photograph 6 to 8 foot waves on March 11 when they were pulled into the ocean. Weber’s friends were able to make it to safety.

"The body had been in the water for several weeks. The only unusual thing about this is the distance, where the body was found. In a case like this, a body is usually found pretty close to where they entered the water," Oregon deputy state medical examiner Christopher Young told Reuters.

The mouth of the Klamath River is about 300 miles from the mouth of the Columbia River.


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