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Consumers Appreciate Overland Park Deck Cleaning Service for Quality Products

Green Technology is a sign of the times and consumers often make their buying decision based on environmentally safe business practices

Spring is in the air and deck cleaning and sealing is moving to the top of the priority list for area residents.  Wayne Howe, owner of Wood Re New, specializes in restoring exterior wood surfaces, including decks and docks, wood siding and fences. 

Wood Re New is a well-respected company, known for their environmentally friendly approach to exterior wood restoration.  In addition to using safe deck cleaning and sealing products, they are also a driving force for conserving natural resources.  “Why Replace when you can Re New?” is the company slogan.  Reviving exterior wood surfaces without damaging nearby property or harming pets and children is their specialty. 

Founder, Stan Krempges, sought not only to provide superior protection for exterior wood surfaces, but to revive the wood so that homeowners could enjoy the beauty it once had when it was new.  They developed an exclusive, eco-friendly, Wood Protector with Cedar Toner to repel water and block UV rays.  The Wood Renew deck cleaning and sealing process does not require the technician to use any chlorine bleach or acids on the wood.  

Green technology is a sign of the times and more and more consumers are basing their buying decision on a company’s environmentally friendly business practices.  Wood Re New deck cleaning Overland Park company lives up to their name; they renew exterior wood surfaces to save consumers money by eliminating the need to tear them out and replace them. 

In addition, Wood Re New services help preserve natural resources and prevent more trash and debris from ending up in our landfills.  Area residents have discovered the value of restoring rather than replacing their deck, fence or siding.  The result of Wood Re New’s services often exceeds customer expectations while earning the approval of neighbors. 

Wood Re New has grown to be the nation’s largest and most successful exterior wood restoration company with 23 locations across the US.  Why replace when you can renew?  


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