Chicago, IL 6/23/2011 3:49:58 AM
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Ways Of Making Low Cost DIY Solar Panels Is No More A Secret

Information of how to make solar panels diclosed

The owner of the website “How To Make Solar Panels, Dave Bang, has decided to announce the steps of making a solar panels on his website. According to Dave Bang, the information will be released before this weekend. 

“Recently, the environmental issue is getting more serious than before, and so it’s time for us to reduce our damaging to the environment and start using green energy like solar energy. I know the fact that some of the people want to use solar power to generate energy but they are scared off by the price offered by the so-called expert so I decided to release this information to the public”, says the website owner.

Dave Bang shows strong enthusiasm to help the public to make their owned solar panels so the environment problem can be reduced. He also emphasized on the importance of using this kind of green energy when the reporter asked him on the views regarding the environmental disaster happened these day.“ We are using too much fossil fuel and the gas release has caused the environment to change. The weather is so strange nowadays, sometimes the temperature can get so high up but sometimes it’s so cold or rains until it flood. We must act now before it gets too late!”

The man also said that making solar panel is not expensive at all and it should be affordable for everyone. “The cost of making solar panel can be lower than $100, I’m going to teach on how to make solar panels and which cost is affordable by everyone who is interested in using this green energy”, claimed Dave.

About “How To Make Solar Panels”:

Founded in 16th June, 2011, the owner of the website Dave Bang created this website with the intention to distribute information on making a cheap solar panel. Currently, the first part of the guide has released on the website.