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INDY 500 Not all Fun and Games

2011 Indy 500 Bryant Dealer Meeting/Partner Trade Show “What Ever it Takes”

Indianapolis, Indiana With four hundred plus in attendance living a race fans dream, Bryant Heating & Cooling delivers an unforgettable weekend like no other for their top dealers and partners across the country. From red carpet accommodations at the Indianapolis Marriott East, award winning meals, banquet style fit for a king complete with ice sculptures, celebrity race car driver interviews, Mario, Michael and Marco Andretti, a day at the track or parade downtown, Police escort to the race, best seats in the house for the race, first class entertainment, Dealer of the Year ceremonies and giveaways. Not to mention slot car racing, pit crew competitions and gaming night.


Bryant provided a most amazing weekend for all 400 dealers and partners. But it wasn’t all fun and games. Friday afternoon was the partner “Products and Programs Tradeshow”. This event afforded the top dealers in the country the opportunity to preview Bryant’s partners latest and greatest in HVAC technology and equipment coming soon to a HVAC distribution center near you. Bryant has rapidly developed a reputation for cutting edge products and programs in the HVAC Industry, especially in the area of Indoor Air Quality by partnering with Building Health Check  a provider of a comprehensive line of DIY indoor quality test kits and testing equipment for the HVAC Dealer.                        

Protect Your Home and Health: First Identify then Eliminate Airborne Pollutants


Understanding the indoor air contaminant level in a consumer’s home or place of business is imperative to being able to prescribe effective IAQ solutions to the consumer. 


Building Health Check, one of the exclusive partners of Bryant Air Conditioning provides the Bryant dealer with indoor air quality test kits and IAQ testing equipment to help the dealer’s consumer’s identify indoor air conditions and promote effective IAQ solutions.  Cy Garner, account executive with Building Health Check stated that “I look forward in spending time with Bryant and the Bryant dealers as they embark on a successful 2011 campaign and I look forward to helping the Bryant dealers achieve success through good indoor air quality.

Once the contaminant level in the home or business has been identified with the IAQ Screen Check test kits, then IAQ solutions such as the Bryant's ultra-reliable Perfect Air™ Purifier can be provided. The unit works to capture and kill dangerous bacteria, viruses and mold, safeguarding the air quality of your entire home. Indoor air is re-purified, not just filtered, as often as eight times each hour.

Today, Building Health Check sells over 20 IAQ Test kits through distributors, on-line dealers and to consumers at places such as Grainger, Sears, Carrier/Bryant, Johnstones, among many others.  Building Health Check’s personal touch involvement and dedication means a higher level of commitment to each dealer and to every customer.

Cy Garner, account representative with Building Health can be reached calling toll free at 1-800-422-7873 ext 804.


About Building Health Check, LLC


Building Health Check sets the industry standard for IAQ DIY kits, testing equipment, and laboratory analysis. For more information on Building Health Check, LLC contact us at (800) 422-7873 ext. 404 or 804 or visit


About our Affiliate Laboratory, EDLab

The Environmental Diagnostics Laboratory (EDLab) (established in 1992) at Pure Air Control Services (PACS) is an AIHA accredited environmental lab offering complete and comprehensive indoor environmental microbiology laboratory services. They include: microbiology, aerobiology, chemistry, allergen assays and microscopy designed to meet all your indoor air needs. EDLab supports IAQ investigations by assisting with strategic sampling plan development and supplying media collection equipment while performing a wide range of environmental analyses. Call toll free 1-800-422-7873 for additional information.

About Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems Racing Team:

Bryant Racing was introduced in 1958. Today, Bryant is the longest-term, non-automotive sponsor at the Indianapolis 500. Since 2007, Bryant has teamed with IZOD IndyCar Series powerhouse, Andretti Autosport operation and has taken top positions in races all over the world.

Being a dependable, contributing member of our local communities is a big part of who we are at Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems. With major furnace manufacturing operations in Indianapolis, Indiana, we're happy to support community interests like IndyCar® racing.