Atlanta 8/13/2011 1:01:19 AM
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Pit Bull Kills Pregnant California Woman

A pit bull killed a pregnant California woman in her home Thursday, authorities in Pacifica have confirmed. The body of 32-year-old Darla Napora, who was about 6 months pregnant, was found around noon by her husband Greg. The 2-year-old dog was standing over Napora’s body when Greg entered the house.

Police say Greg got the dog into the backyard before calling 911. Police officers shot and killed the animal after it escaped from the yard and lunged at them. Although the Napora’s second pit bull is not believed to have been involved in killing Darla, the animal was removed from the house and taken to the Peninsula Humane Society.

The attack is under investigation. A necropsy on the pit bull has been ordered to determine if it suffered from any type of sickness.


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