Atlanta 8/17/2011 12:56:37 AM
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Japanese Teen Presumed Dead After Being Swept Over Niagara Falls

A 19-year-old Japanese girl is presumed dead after being swept over Niagara Falls Sunday night. Authorities say the girl was visiting the Canadian side of Niagara River with a friend when she climbed onto metal railing and sat down. She apparently lost her balance while trying to climb back over and fell into the river about 80 feet from Horseshoe Falls. The strong current swept her over the falls.  

The girl has not been identified. She was reportedly attending a school in Toronto. The Niagara Parks Police department and the Japanese consulate general are trying to locate the girl’s family to notify them of her presumed death.

A search for the teen was launched soon after the accident was reported. During the search, an Erie County Sheriff’s department helicopter found the body of a man in a whirlpool below Horseshoe Falls. The sheriff’s department has not identified the man. They say his death does not appear to be related to the accident involving the Japanese teen.


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