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The Hunter Fan Company Provides Solutions to IAQ, Air Cleaners and DIY Test Kits

More than 60 millions Americans suffer from severe allergies or asthma and the seasonal allergy sufferer has nearly doubled in 15 years

More than 60 million Americans suffer from severe allergies or asthma, and the number of individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies has nearly doubled over the past 15 years, according to industry research and published reports.

To help with the professional identification of indoor allergens and pollutants Building Health Check manufactures of the DIY IAQ Screen Check product line has made the product available through many fine distributors such as The Hunter Fan Company who now carry the product that is being sold to their millions of customers.

The Hunter Fan Company traces its origins back to 1886, when John Hunter and son James C. Hunter created the first water-driven ceiling fan in upstate New York. Before long, Hunter Fan Company was shipping these rugged fans with hand-weighted and balanced blades by the boatload to India, the Far East and Africa as well as across the United States. Today, Hunter continues the tradition of great quality fans, air cleaners and home DIY IAQ Test Kits. The Hunter Fan Company sells the DIY IAQ Screen Check products e.g. Mold, Organic Vapor (Chemicals), Formaldehyde, Allergen, Bacteria and evalu-aire through their web site at: http://www.hunterfan.com/Accessories/Home-Air-Test-Kits/

“Consumers are increasingly concerned with the quality of air that they breathe,” said Jim Gallman, vice president at Hunter. “Families want to feel safe breathing the air in their own home. Hunter is meeting their needs by providing a portable sanitizer that not only purifies the air from common allergens that cause irritation and discomfort, but also kills harmful viruses that may lead to serious illness.”

One of the newer products is the Organic Vapor Screen Check (OVSC) allows the occupant the ability to screen for over 80 common indoor chemicals. The OVSC will provide concentration of each chemical isolated and all have occupational exposure limits. They are all common chemicals that may exist in the home or office.

The IAQ Screen Check family of do-it-yourself products includes:

* Mold Screen Check
* Allergen Screen Check
* Formaldehyde Screen Check
* Organic Vapor Screen Check
* Bacteria Culture Screen Check
* Fiberglass Screen Check
* Staph Screen Check
* Bed Bug Screen Check
* Fungi Culture Screen Check
* Dust Mite Screen Check
* FAST Screen Check
* Radon Screen Check
* Lead Screen Check
* Dust Screen Check
* Smoke Screen Check
* Evalu-aire Pro.
What consumers and business are saying about the IAQ Screen Check:

“We found the testing to be an easy and effective way to offer our customers a better look at the air quality in their homes or business. We look forward to the continued success with your IAQ Screen Check testing products” stated Ron Zajack, President of Coastal Cooling.

Jack L. from San Diego, CA says, "The Mold Screen Check really met all my expectations. We have used the company that manufacturers the products (Building Health Check, LLC) in the past and they have always been reliable and accessible. The lab results are professionally done by an AIHA accredited lab and the glossary and mold guidelines are easy to understand. I've used other DIY products and this is by far the best. Thanks for a great product. I would recommend the product to any consumer or business wanting accurate and inexpensive DIY mold test."

For more information on the IAQ Screen Check product line contact Cy Garner at 1-800-422-7873 ext 804. Distributors interested in carrying the IAQ Screen Check can also contact Cy Garner or Krynn Stone at 800-422-7873 ext 804 or 404 respectfully.

About Building Health Check LLC

Building Health Check sets the industry standard for IAQ DIY kits, testing equipment, and laboratory analysis. Building Health Check has affiliations with EDLab and Accustar Labs.

Building Health Checks, LLC’s expanding client roster includes: Hunter Fans, WW Grainger, Progressive Insurance, USACE, Southern California Schools JPA, VA Medical Center, Broward General Healthcare, General Services Administration (GSA); Allstate Insurance; Carrier Air Conditioning; and, CB Richard Ellis and many other Fortune 500 companies, school boards, and city, state, and county governments, making Building Health Check, LLC the reliable industry leader in DIY IAQ testing.

For more information on Building Health Check, LLC or EDLab please contact Cy Garner, at 727-572-4550, (800) 422-7873 x404 804 or visit www.indoorairtest.com

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