Oceanside, CA 8/31/2011 3:02:55 AM
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Citadel EFT Inc. Joins United Bankcard to Provide Free Point of Sale Systems and Electronic Cash Registers

Citadel EFT now has the ability to provide Harbortouch’s Point of Sale system - which processes credit cards, print receipts, comprehensive reporting, inventory tracking, employee scheduling and has a built in time clock - for free.

Our sales people can now provide Casio’s Electronic Cash Register, TE-1500 or TK-1550 for free. These registers work on Ethernet or dialup connections, have large LCD displays, heavy duty cash registers, easy drop-and-load thermal paper and are PCI PED compliant. We can offer as many cash registers as a merchant needs, up to five, absolutely free.

We continue to provide all of our sales people with all the possible tools they need to make the sale at a competitive price. This only enhances the range of credit card equipment, credit card software and point of sale machines that they can offer.

Many small businesses and startups don’t have the $1,000 to $2,000 dollars required to pay for these necessities. We want to walk along and help these merchants grow long and successful businesses with our wide range of products. This includes electronic checks, all-in-one terminals, check imaging and much more. Many merchants tell us, “This seems too good to be true.” Because it is true is why we have been in business over 20 years.

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