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Canadian green forestry investment welcomed by FRA

Forestry Research Associates (FRA) has reported that the Canadian government has announced further investment in the forestry industry of New Brunswick to help boost the local economy.

The Canadian government has announced further investment in the forestry industry of New Brunswick to help boost the local economy, reported Forestry Research Associates (FRA).

Joe Oliver, the Minister of Natural Resources, said the government is investing a further CA$6.1 million into the forestry industry in order to protect jobs. He explained, "Today's announcements highlight key investments in the transformation of the forest industry and reconfirm that our Government's top priority remains the economy.

"With the economic recovery still fragile, we will continue to take action to protect and create jobs in Canada, including the important forestry jobs right here in New Brunswick,” he added.

Forestry Research Associates, a US-based analysis and research consultancy, welcomed the investment, adding that the money is necessary to help protect the fragile industry during tough times.

The investment will largely be used to help paper and pulp mills in the region to take advantage of developments in clean energy generation. For example, two mills have received funding through the Pulp and Paper Green Transformation Program, which is expected the help them reduce their impact on the environment, which will benefit local communities.

"With these investments our Government is continuing to implement our plan that supports innovative change in New Brunswick's forest sector," stated Keith Ashfield, Regional Minister for New Brunswick.

The government is keen to invest in the clean energy development as they see it as the best way to safeguard the future of the industry in the region. FRA’s analysis partner, Peter Collins, said, “We welcome the news that Canada’s government is not only investing in the future of forestry, but in the future of the country’s environment by helping to reduce the impact mills have on the local environment.

“It’s vital that forestry becomes 100 per cent sustainable, which also includes the energy mills used in the production process,” he added.

Local figures have lined up to welcome the new investment and the move towards a greener industry in New Brunswick.

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