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How a Single Mother Grew Her Solar Thermal Business From Ground Up

Android OS User Helps Her Customers Slash 50% Off Their Hydro Bills

Joanne recently purchased the Samsung Intensity and the HTC Freestyle phone both are cell phones that do not require an expensive data smartphone plan at Joanne invites cell phone customers to a new way of seeing the world and their hydro bill. One morning Joanne had a sudden awakening, unexpected awareness of taking what her dad taught her to go into trade school in her late 30s. Joanne has finished her 4 year apprenticeship as a female electrician. She and her husband lives in Placitas, New Mexico, near Albuquerque. In the winter, Joanne's adobe home is heated by a propane boiler and a hydronic system embedded ion the concrete floors. With the help of her crew of 10 men, Joanne builds & installs a boiler, domestic water heater and radiant heated floors through out the customer's house.

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Joanne uses her text messaging phone to stay in constant contact with her Facebook Pay Per Click Consultant. It helps her keep her cost down and leaves a greener blueprint.

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Joanne uses her HTC freestyle to send out news alerts to her existing clients and new clients, ever since she hired a programmer to build her a mobile compliant website, customers go to her mobile website to watch a 2 minute video where she talks about the rebates programs home owners get back as incentives from the government to go solar. She has even hired a full time facebook expert to add updates of new projects she has done. Many customers even let her scan in their hydro bill before and after on her facebook fan page.

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With raising a young family, I still have to be careful with spending money on my cell phone data and text messaging plans. Staying in contact with my customers via my mobile phone facebook app is my life line. I also signed up for Facebook for businesses where the account rep helped me advertise for pennies on the dollar to find prospects. I have been doing direct selling of digital scrapbook, cards, posters and photo gifts for 4 years. The first 3 years I did it all through home parties and word of mouth. In the last 3 months my business has doubled because.....

"ONE of the things about using the Android platforms for social networking is how easy it is to share stuff. Any app you install that allow you to upload content to the web (not just social networking sites, but photo sites like Flickr, note taking services like Evernote, and so on)

The main social network providers have worked closely with Google To provide official apps for the likes of facebook, myspace, flickr to name a few.

Twitter is seen as possibly more important than any other social network for mobile users and there are a few reasons for this. Besides having a million active users who produce a stream of real life commentary alongside genuine news.

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