Omaha 10/5/2011 5:00:00 PM
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American Tradition Partnership using cutting-edge site to approve Keystone XL pipeline

Grassroots group's viral strategy to overcome "green" opposition in support of safe, clean jobs & North American energy

Washington- Americans fed up with high unemployment and rising gas prices can go to to register their support for the Keystone XL pipeline project, a new safe, clean North American energy pipeline projected to create 342,000 jobs and deliver 700,000 additional barrels of oil a each day to United States refineries.  The project, which has met the highest environmental and safety standards, is being blocked by paid "astroturf" activists for the multi-million dollar environmentalist lobby.

Citizens have until a government deadline of Oct. 7 to go to and sign the petition to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. is a project of American Tradition Partnership, the nation’s largest and fastest growing advocate of rational, pro-growth energy and environmental policies, supported by grassroots members.

“How heartless can environmentalists be?” said American Tradition Partnership Executive Director Donald Ferguson.   “The Keystone pipeline creates tens of thousands of new jobs and safely, cleanly delivers 700,000 barrels of Northwest American oil each day to U.S. refineries.  Hollywood actresses and million-dollar ‘green’ lobbyists may be doing great in this economy, but millions of Americans need the jobs and affordable gas this national project creates.”

“ is the best way grassroots Americans can stop the million-dollar lobbyists who are blocking up to 342,000 jobs and lower gas prices,” said Ferguson. uses a cutting-edge web application to allow citizens to vote on which benefits of Keystone XL they favor most, supported by Facebook and original viral video campaign - all found on home page.

“Americans are going to in droves to sign the petition demanding Barack Obama stop blocking this jobs project.  The Keystone XL pipeline is the safest, cleanest form of energy transport there is, and it has easily passed every environmental hurdle,” said Ferguson.

“The opponents of this jobs pipeline are heartless, clueless and out of touch, but they are well-funded by Hollywood elites and Soros-funded lobbyists.  Blocking a massive jobs project that will help lower gas prices is just a vain hobby for the professional activists Obama is listening to right now.  He needs to turn his attention to the majority of Americans who support this safe, clean jobs project,” said Ferguson.