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Real Estate Investor Summit to Accelerate Rebuilding Effort in the Gulf Coast

One-year After Katrina and the Rebuilding Effort Needs a Boost

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The New Orleans Real Estate Investors Association ( board members voted unanimously to host and co-sponsor the “Gulf Coast Real Estate Investors’ Summit” in October along with  “We realize that it’s vital for private investors to come to the region to bring resources to the area” says Wayne Songy, President of the local NORIEA chapter.  “I have sent an appeal letter to the 230 investment club presidents across the country asking for their support” he says, “Our region needs a boost of confidence and investors who know how to make things happen.”


The Investors’ Summit was approved for posting by the New Orleans Visitors Convention Bureau last week and will be in the monthly publication notifying visitors to New Orleans.  The Summit is scheduled for this upcoming October 19 through October 22 and will be  held at the Sheraton New Orleans (500 Canal Street).


“This will be an intense four-day information-filled conference” says Mr. Songy “We want investors across the country and all interested parties to know that the Gulf Coast has plenty of opportunities to contribute to the rebuilding effort while helping the investors’ bottom line as well. Many independent experts have been scheduled to speak at the Summit to lay out what happened, where the best opportunities are and what is being done to get our cities back on track.”


“I believe this Summit will be a catalyst for the acceleration process -- the word is getting out and the people that are serious about contributing to the pace of the rebuilding effort are coming together to share resources, ideas, and develop relationships that can only help our city.” 


A comprehensive speaker panel is currently being developed. Experts will offer break-out sessions on mold remediation, Section 8 Housing, rebuilding guidelines, GoZone Legislation, technology utilization, demographic analysis, economic development programs sponsored by the state and federal government, finance, rehabbing, infrastructure plans, and more.  Anyone with expertise in any of these areas and who is interested in being considered for the speaking panel or the summit may visit: or call 1.877.777.8440 or e-mail:


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