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Weitz & Luxenberg and Morgan & Morgan Law Firms Host Oct. 24 Town Hall in DeLand to Air Florida Toxic Water Fears

Nationally recognized environmental toxic torts law firm Weitz & Luxenberg, P.C. and Morgan & Morgan, P.A., one of the leading personal injury and consumer law firms in the South, are set to host an October 24th community meeting in DeLand, Florida, to address the concerns of residents over chemical contamination of local water supplies. 

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. and it will be held at the First Assembly DeLand Church, 551 S. Kepler Rd.

Erin Brockovich, the consumer advocate whose story was told in the Oscar-winning Julia Roberts’ motion picture “Erin Brockovich,” will speak at the meeting about Dieldrin, the toxic insecticide that has been found in tainted wells in DeLand and in some Miami-Dade communities. 

Brockovich currently is visiting people in affected communities on behalf of Weitz & Luxenberg, where she works as an environmental consultant.  Longtime residents of these neighborhoods are concerned about the effects of Dieldrin on their property values and on their health. 

Dieldrin is a now-banned toxic chemical compound that was used as a pesticide.  Dieldrin is considered to be a “persistent organic pollutant,” which means it is difficult to purge from the environment and can accumulate in soil and water supplies.  

There are communities in DeLand and in Miami-Dade County where Dieldrin contamination has been identified in the well water. 

Local authorities have had to staunch the use of tainted well water by supplying filters and connecting homes to municipal water mains. 

The Oct. 24 town hall meeting is intended to answer residents’ questions about Dieldrin and the impact that it may have on their property values and on their health. 

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