Ramat Gan 10/25/2011 2:09:08 PM
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Shmober.com: A New Revolution in Social Shopping Has Launched

Shmober.com is a newly launched social shopping deal site that changes the way people shop online. Shmober.com business model is based on ‘social savings’. Deals on Shmober.com are offered to users in the United States at a great price. If users share the deal, using a personalized link on social networking sites and email, they can earn credit towards the cost of the product for each friend that buys the deal. Users have the ability to earn deals for free through their promotional campaigns.

Deal sites and social shopping are the big trends in internet commerce today. Shmober.com captures this trend perfectly. Deals are currently limited to home and kitchen products, with the intention of expanding to electronics and other popular consumer items. Top brands are offered at discount, below MSRP prices. Shmober seeks to compete with other sites selling similar products while offering an added incentive that other sites do not – the ability to earn money when the deal is shared online with others.

Bobshmob.com LTD is the company name behind Shmober.com. Bobshmob.com aims to socialize the world's Internet commerce and monetize viral marketing through inter-personal communication. We do this by incorporating innovative technological services that will motivate consumers to become viral marketers. Shmober allows businesses and brands to connect with potential new customers and increase sales through user’s interactions and activity on social networks through the Shmober.com platform.

Bobshmob.com believes that if someone shares great deals with others, then he deserves to be compensated. Simple as that.

Samantha Stone Avneri
Ramat Gan, Israel